Think virgin beaches, relaxing spas, romantic sunsets and idyllic fishing villages. Think adrenaline pumping beach sports, full moon parties and beautiful people.

BeachTV is a brand new channel featuring content that revolves around the beach. From surfing to diving, travel to food, fashion launches to beach pageants, the programming possibilities are as exciting as they are endless… just add water, and some sand.

BeachTV offers a myriad of opportunities for brand integration through sponsored interstitials, product placements and advertisements in a wide spectrum of original content and acquired programs.


Aurora Media Capital is a specialty finance company headquartered in Singapore with a focus on accelerating the growth and exploitation of media and entertainment infrastructures and properties into high-yielding global media assets through strategic capital deployment.

We provide investment structures and financing solutions to content creators by way of equity involvement and interim collateralization as well as tailoring specific financing and consulting packages for projects and companies. Through a superior insight into international content distribution and production, we form the leading media financing team in Southeast Asia.

Aurora Media Capital invests not just funds, but its extensive experience, domain knowledge and industry relationships in its portfolio. Our principals are active creative producers who continue to demonstrate a successful track record of operating and managing ventures into the entertainment sector.